The festival is named in honor of Leopold Semyonovich Auer - famous native of Austria-Hungary, musician and teacher, founder of the Russian violin school.

Auer has trained over 300 students that make up the world of violin art.

Леопольд АуэрLeopold Awarw the result of pedagogical and artistic activities of Leopold Semyonovich Auer was born the concept of the Russian violin school that rivals such phenomena as Russian classical ballet or Russian school of painting.
The idea of the "Second International Competition of violinists and string quartets in the name of Leopold Auer" came to us long ago, and the work on the project began in 2008. We are a team of like – minded people who are professional musicians, music educators, critics, Directors, actors and various professionals working in the field of culture and art in St. Petersburg. Knowing the biography of the great pedagogue Leopold Auer, the features of his pedagogical genius, and the story of the first violin competition named after him, we decided to revive this wonderful tradition in St. Petersburg.

In 1908 was celebrated the 40th anniversary of the activities of L. Auer peterburgskoy Conservatory. And in 1913 it was decided to hold a competition in his name.

Today, the competition is a member of Association of musical competitions of Russia, his official support and the desire to cooperate expressed Auer'Leopold's Society (the international Association of Leopold Auer) and other outstanding figures of the violin art, St. Petersburg, and the world cultural space.